Profitis Elias Chapel (Protaras)


In Protaras this beautiful little church is definitely worth a visit, especially at sunset. The Byzantine church of Prophet Elias was built in 1984, around the older ancient chapel. Set on a 100m high granite hill a short distance from the heart of Protaras, it stands out as an imposing landmark. It was built using indigenous stones of the area, blending in with the natural surroundings of the area. The chapel is especially awe-inspiring in the evenings when it is lit up from all sides.

Ascending the 156 steep steps to the chapel of Prophet Elias rewards the visitor with spectacular panoramic views of the area. Encompassing it base is the multicolored, cosmopolitan tourist location of Protaras. Due east is the vast expanse of the Mediterranean Sea with its crystal blue waters. Gazing north you can see Famagusta, Pentadaktylos, and on a clear day one may even see the Karpasia Peninsula; all of which are in the occupied part of Cyprus..!

The views are spectacular and the photos you get of the sun setting are unreal. The church is not an old one but very beautiful inside and out and there is a tree full of ribbons for loved ones past and present which you can buy a ribbon for from the small shop up there. A tiny cafe/shop is available for drinks opposite the door to the church. Also, a bigger cafe is available at the bottom of the steps. Worth the climb!

Find it in Google Maps, just write “Profitis Ilias, Protaras” and follow the directions.

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